Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

My Ability Pathway was founded with a commitment to building connections, resilience and skills that create strong positive relationships.

Our mission is to support people with a disability to live a fulfilling life.

Our Vision

We believe passionately in the power of a connected community and that everyone has a right to live an enriched life.

Our vision is a place where everyone is engaged with something they love doing.

There are two questions we will continually ask every participant, to hold us accountable to our mission and vision.

  1. Is your life fulfilling? Yes/No
  2. Are you engaged in something you love doing? Yes/No

Our Values

  • Helpful
  • Active
  • Connected
  • Adaptive
  • Supportive


  • To empower participants to use choice and control in pursuing their goals.
  • To offer a range of high-quality services with real-life benefits and easy access.
  • To develop a sense of mastery over life’s circumstances

Participants are, and always will be, our priority.

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