In this survey a staggering 59 percent of employees wouldn’t recommend their organization as a good place to work.

We spend so much time at work yet the vast majority of people are disengaged. According to the latest Gallop Poll 76% of Australians are just that.
Officevibe, a leading provider of pulse surveys used to measure employee satisfaction to create better workplaces, just released their global “The State of Employee Engagement” report.
It’s a fascinating look–in “real-time”–at what employees are telling their companies about what truly matters to them.
What They Are Finding
10 core metrics of employee engagement to be exact. This means that for your employees to be motivated, creative, and go above and beyond so your business grows, these 10 things need to be in place
1. Recognition: 65 percent of employees feel like they don’t get enough praise. Research from Deloitte found that “organizations with recognition programs which are highly effective at enabling employee engagement had 31 percent lower voluntary turnover than organizations with ineffective recognition programs.”
2. Feedback: 35 percent of employees have to wait more than 3 months to get feedback from their manager. Monthly one-on-ones, weekly planning sessions, daily check-in meetings are ways that you can give more regular feedback.
3. Happiness: 25 percent of employees leave work feeling drained or very drained. As a manager, ask what you can do to make someone happier, including something outside of work because unhappiness outside of work is linked to unhappiness at work.
4. Personal Growth: 57 percent of employees believe that they don’t have any career advancement opportunities. Employees feel like they don’t have enough autonomy, they’re not mastering their skills, and they don’t fully feel a sense of purpose.
5. Satisfaction: 15 percent of employees don’t see themselves working at their company one year from now. To address this lack of satisfaction, focus first on compensation (salary + benefits), then the overall work environment. For example, more emphasis on team building, learning, setting goals, and longer training and onboarding cycles.
6. Wellness: 60 percent of employees notice that their job is taking a toll on their personal life. They feel stressed, overworked, and don’t have a good work-life balance. As a manager, you should be doing everything you can to reduce the stress from employee.
7. Ambassadorship: 59 percent of employees wouldn’t recommend their organization as a good place to work. How likely are your employees willing to recommend your organization and its products/services?
8. Relationship with Managers: 35 percent of employees wish their manager communicated more frequently with them. Employees want to become closer with their managers because it will make them feel more connected to their organization.
9. Relationship with Colleagues: 37 percent of employees don’t think they have enough social interaction with their colleagues. A simple idea to fix these issues is to create more opportunities for employees to work on projects together.
10. Company Alignment: 38 percent of employees don’t believe their company’s core values align with their personal values. Companies need to be doing a better job of preaching the mission and core values of the organization. Employees need to be constantly reminded of why they do what they do.