What can you achieve if you are prepared to dive in the deep end and commit to 30 minutes for 30 days working on your business?

A clear vision for what you want to achieve in 2017
A SWOT analysis of your business
A review of what worked and what didn’t in 2016
A set of goals you want your business to achieve
A clear focus on your brand
Strategies to help your stay organized and on track
A crystal clear view of your idea customer
Your own Unique Value Proposition
Tips on how to find new customers
A decision making framework that aligns with your goals
A Product to Market Map for your goods and services
An elevator pitch of what your business does to solve problems for your customers
An action plan to increase your digital footprint
Tips on financing your business growth.

Its a whole lot isn’t it? All for $200
Get on board, ring me, message me, email me.
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