Terms & Conditions


This Agreement is made according to the rules and the goals of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

The participant and the service provider agree that this Agreement is in line with the Terms of Business of the NDIS.  The terms of business establish protocols and processes that are binding for a registered provider of supports in the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Scheme objectives

The purpose of the NDIS is to:

  • Support people with disability to pursue their goals and maximise their independence and social and economic participation
  • Develop the capacity of people with disability to participate in the community and in employment
  • Build a sustainable scheme that is based on insurance principles.

As a service provider, I, Barbara Lightburn, agrees to uphold the objectives of the NDIS Act and work with participants to achieve individual outcomes.

Processes and practices are in place that respect and protect the personal privacy and dignity of each participant.

Our person-centred supports ensure that each participant accesses supports that promote, uphold and respect their legal and human rights and is enabled to exercise informed choice and control. The provision of supports promotes, upholds and respects individual rights to freedom of expression, self-determination and decision-making.


This agreement sets out the rights of the participant (you) and the responsibilities of providers that deliver supports and services to them.

Barbara Lightburn services will be provided face to face, via email and over the phone, weekly or monthly depending on your needs and the funded Support Coordination hours in your plan.

Services will be provided for the term of your plan as indicated on your plan.

Costs are in accordance with the funded hours in your plan and as stipulated in the NDIS price guide.

A supply of supports under this Service Agreement is a supply of one or more reasonable and necessary supports specified in the statement of supports included, under subsection 33(2) of the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (NDIS Act), in the participant’s NDIS Plan currently in effect under section 37 of the NDIS Act.”

What is expected of you?

You are required to advise us if there is a change to your NDIS plan that may effect this agreement or if you cease using NDIS.

You will advise us within 14 days in writing should you wish to terminate the agreement.

Our promise to you

We will act in good faith and in the interests of you, the participant.

When delivering supports or conducting a business in relation to the delivery of supports, we will comply with each of the following:

  • The NDIS Act, the Rules, all relevant NDIS guidelines, and all policies issued by the NDIA (as in force from time to time)
  • Our Service Charter, and
  • Any Commonwealth, State or Territory laws, and any other requirements, that are applicable to the Service Provider, including, but not limited to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the Australian Consumer Law, and any relevant quality and safeguard laws, including Quality Assurance and Safeguards Working Arrangements and the Guide to Suitability.

Payments and pricing

This Service agreement is consistent with the NDIS’s pricing arrangements, guidelines and the requirements of the A New Tax System (Goods and Service Tax) Act 1999 regarding the application of the goods and services tax to its services.

We adhere to the NDIA Price Guide or any other Agency pricing arrangements and guidelines as in force from time to time.

We will make a payment request once that support has been delivered or provided to you.

All payments owed to Barbara Lightburn must be paid within seven days of service delivery.

How to make changes

Simply contact Barbara Lightburn to make changes to your service agreement. We ask that you please submitted the proposed changes in writing, with a 14-day review period. Barbara Lightburn and the participant must agree on these changes, and actively sign a new service agreement.

How to end the Agreement

Please give 14 days notice in writing should you wish to cancel our services. Should Barbara Lightburn cease their services, we will also give 14 days notice.